Friday, January 22, 2010

Let your favorite writers hear from you!

Novelist Elizabeth Kostova recently said in an NPR interview, “writing fiction is a very benign form of insanity.”

Hearken, readers—it’s true, it’s true!

You spend your waking hours hanging out with people who don’t even exist outside the confines of your own imagination. Like some deranged street person, you smile, laugh, and cry in response to what these made-up people say to you.

I always read my dialog out loud while I’m writing, but in a sort of sped-up whisper that only I can hear. Ask anyone who’s caught me in the act: it looks and sounds very weird!

When I finished writing A GOLDEN WEB, and sent the manuscript off to my editor, I missed my imaginary friends who moved so magically through the world I made up for them. Real people, by contrast, seemed so—well, contrary! What they say and do is almost never what I would have had them saying and doing, if I were writing the script.

This period of loneliness and confusion is finally erased by the emotional satisfaction of communing with readers once a book is published.

It used to be that the only way to meet these readers was to have a Book Event at a bookstore or library. That was all well and good in one’s hometown, where friends and relatives can be counted on to show up—but a very uncertain proposition in places where one has no personal strings to pull.

The Internet (hooray for the Internet!) has changed the way of all things for writers who want and need to make contact with their readers.

Thanks to Google Alerts, I get a message in my email inbox letting me know what-reading-group-where is about to discuss my novel. I’m sent the links to blogs where my name or the names of my books have been mentioned. I can write to these readers and say, “Hello! I’m so glad that you liked my book!”

Because of the Internet, I’ve made many virtual visits—by phone, email, and webinar—to book groups and readers around the world I would never have had the opportunity to meet otherwise.

Best of all, I’ve had the opportunity to thank the readers who have immersed themselves inside the worlds I’ve created, all alone and blithering to myself—to tell them, “Knowing that you laughed and cried, that you stayed up and read until sleep overtook you and then read some more first thing in the morning: this is what makes it all worthwhile.”


  1. Your voice is just as open and refreshing online as in your novels. I'm a huge fan, and look forward to hearing more of your writing here!

    A friend :)

  2. Thank you, dear Anonymous! It's easy to forget that anyone is out there listening.

  3. I love that you make the effort to write to bloggers that review your books. That's makes me feel that the reviews WERE worth our time.

    alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com


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